Study in Ukraine

At Ukraine University you will find a diverse mix of international students, from all walks of life and different countries. All have discovered the wonderful standards available in Ukraine Universities. From the study of medicine to engineering, international students enjoy the best affordable price.
Study in Ukraine

Study In Ukraine

Ukraine, is your best option if you are looking for your next steps in education for a universities in English in Europe.

Wanting something a little bit different to your peers, as you have that sense of adventure and are willing to try something they wont. Look no further, by choosing your further education in Ukraine you will see that this is your way forward and will impress future employers, as they will see you are not just following the crowd when you further your education. Study in Ukraine has outstanding reviews with the application process being both easy and understandable, we are with you every step of the way.

If you want to study medicine, you will find you are receiving the best education anywhere. In addition to medicine what courses can you take here in Ukraine? Well, again there are very many different courses and it really does depend on what you want to learn. However, we believe that is has been proven that if want to study medicine in Ukraine, that you will receive the best education anywhere in the world. All the degrees are recognised worldwide, meaning that you can study medicine in Ukraine and qualify to practice anywhere there is need, there will be no restrictions on the country you can work in.

When you look at the courses available in Ukraine Universities you don't need to consider the language because you will understand the courses. Now, please do not worry that if you choose to study in Ukraine you will need to learn a different language. This is not necessarily true. You will see that by choosing to take your further education courses in Ukraine, most (if not all) the courses are available in English. In fact, most of the courses are taught in English, with the option for other languages (Russian, French for example). Do not think that you can't attend a Ukraine University if you don't speak Russian language. Yes the national language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, so a little would help you get by, but you will find that the course you want to study in Ukraine is in English.

Best of all, studying in Ukraine as an international student, you will find all the qualifications are internationally recognised by WHO, UNESCO etc. this means that you have the perfect opportunity for studying in Ukraine as an International student. With the number of registered establishments authorised and regulated, this is the perfect challenge for those wanting to study abroad as an international student. You will not be the first or only person who is here for their studies either, there are many like you from all nationalities and countries. All have made the decision to further their education in Ukraine.



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  2. Better Job Prospects
  3. Cheap Costs
  4. European Life Standard
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  6. Fast University Admission
  7. Worldwide Recognition


  1. Medicine Faculties
  2. Computer Science Faculty
  3. Nursing Faculty
  4. Economics Faculties
  5. Civil Aviation Faculty
  6. Engineering Faculties
  7. MBA and PhD Programs

Ukraine Facts

Capital:Kyiv (Kiev)
Language:Ukrainian, Russian, German and English
Population:50 millions
Territory603,700 sq. km
Border countries:Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova

Map of Ukraine

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